Irrigation Valve Repair Project

Beginning this week we have started the project to repair and/or replace several of our isolation valves for the irrigation systems on all 3 golf courses. We plan to repair 25 valves scattered amongst the courses with the intent of having a better and more consistent system going forward. These valves are vital to our process and enable us to provide a much better performing system in both the short and long term. In previous years because of the current issues with the valves we were not able to isolate several areas on the courses and for that reason we would often have to shut down and drain the entire system to make repairs. This project will ensure that we have the capability to make the necessary repairs and modifications without running the risk of being without water for lengthy periods of time and especially not for the entire course. In the long term this will not only help us in the form of making repairs but also reduce the amount of time the pumps are running, conserve water, and use the system to the best of it’s capabilities. So, as you are making your way around the properties in the coming weeks you will see several areas that have been dug up and exposed. These areas will be “Ground Under Repair”. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we constantly push to improve and maintain the highest quality possible.

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