Monday – November 23, 2020

Good Morning Kingsmill.

The golf courses are a little damp this morning due to passing showers overnight. We will continue with carts following the 90 degree rule with a few exceptions.

We continue with pond bank maintenance on the Plantation Course today. Each year we trim the pond banks back a minimum of one time. This helps with multiple items but most importantly it stops the establishment of woody species that could damage the pond banks with their root structure. It also helps to reduce the population of other undesirable plant species. The alternative is chemical/herbicide treatments on the pond banks which we avoid whenever possible – especially on our irrigation source ponds. Through this “trim back” the grass remains which is truly the vegetation of choice to slow runoff and filter sediment. Although our golf course Nutrient Management Plans contain zero phosphorus these “buffer zones” are added protection for our ponds at Kingsmill.

Have a great day.

River Course

Tee Times: 8:30 AM Tee Times off #1

Pin: #1

Carts: 90 degree rule *Cart Path Only on holes 4,6,8.

Course set-up, mowing greens, blowing leaves, mowing native areas.

Plantation Course

Tee Times: 8:30 AM Tee Times off #1

Pin: #3

Carts: 90 degree rule *Cart Path Only on holes 7,8,15.

Course set-up, mowing greens, mowing rough, blowing leaves, vacuuming leaves, trimming pond banks.

Woods Course

Course Closed Today

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