Thursday – November 5, 2020

Good Morning Kingsmill.

We apologize for the later post as we took some extra time this morning walking the wet and low areas on the golf courses to make a determination on cart rules for the day. This time of year we do not see the same amount of drying in a day as we do in the summer. The Plantation Course will be 90 degrees today with the following exceptions where carts must stay on the cart path. Hole 7,8,11,and 15. The River Course will remain Cart Path Only today. It has not dried out as much as the Plantation Course which is common to see this time of year. We want to be off the paths as much as you do but we must protect the golf courses from damage. The bermudagrass has all but stopped growing for the season and we would not recover from damage caused by carts.

We will be starting a fairway application on the River Course today. We have not been able to make this very important application due to the rain and soft conditions. This is a preventative application for a turf disease – Spring Dead Spot. This application must be watered in immediately. We will apply 1/8″ of irrigation behind the sprayer. This is not enough water to change the course conditions or cart restrictions. It is just enough to knock the material off the leaf blade and into the upper root zone of the plant. It pains me to add any water at this point but it is 100% a must.

Thank You for your support and enjoy the sunshine today!

River Course

Tee Times: 8:30 AM Tee Times Off #1

Pin: #1

Carts: Cart Path Only – No Flags Available

Course Set-up, mowing greens, spraying greens, course clean-up, mowing native areas, spraying fairways.

Plantation Course

Tee Times: 8:10 AM Tee Times Off #1

Pin: #3

Carts: 90 degree rule **Cart Path Only on holes 7,8,11,and 15.

Course Set-up, mowing greens, course clean-up, irrigation repairs hole #11.

Woods Course

Course Closed Today

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