Tuesday – October 27, 2020

Good Morning Kingsmill.

Be prepared for a foggy start to your morning. When the fog clears we will have cloudy skies and a high temperature of 69 degrees today.

The golf courses are still very wet and we will remain Cart Path Only today.

We are DryJecting the Plantation Course greens today. We began the process yesterday with a 0.160″ core aerification. During today’s DryJect process we will apply 10 tons of sand per acre into 4″ deep holes on a 3″ x 3″ spacing. This process helps to dilute organic matter which will ultimately contribute to firmer putting surfaces. Our long term Agronomic Plan includes DryJecting greens annually. The Plantation Course will benefit the most from DryJecting. The 35 year old greens mix on the Plantation Course has a very high organic matter content. These high organic matter levels restrict drainage. Moisture Management is key to maintaining quality cool season putting greens in the Transition Zone. An afternoon thunderstorm in July is our greatest challenge on greens with restricted drainage. High moisture levels plus high heat equal rapid decline for cool season turf.

Q: Why do we DryJect?

A: To dilute organic matter and improve drainage.

Thank You for your continued support and understanding as we complete fall greens aerification.

Have a Wonderful Day.

River Course

Tee Times: 8:00 AM Off #1

Pin: #2

Carts: Cart Path Only – No Flags Available

Course Set-up, mowing greens, blowing leaves.

Plantation Course

Course Closed Today

Woods Course

Course Closed Today

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