Thursday – September 10, 2020

Good Morning Kingsmill,

WOW! In true 2020 fashion we have received 4.00″ of rain! We were unable to mow at all yesterday and remain hopeful that we can begin to mow later today. We were starting to catch up on roughs but this could set us back.

We are spraying Plantation greens this morning. The application contains a wetting agent / penetrating surfactant that helps to increase the rate at which water can penetrate the greens surface. It simply helps move water through the thatch and soil profile. It may seem odd after all of this rain but you will see the sprinklers running on greens for 3 minutes immediately after they are sprayed. This is to move the surfactant off of the leaf blades and into the thatch.

The River / Plantation Practice Range will be closed today from 12:00 – 3:00 PM for weekly maintenance.

Have a great day.

River Course

Tee Times: 8:00 AM Tee Times off #1

Pin:  #3

Carts:  Cart Path Only

Course Set-up, roll greens, debris cleanup.

Plantation Course

Tee Times:  8:00 AM Tee Times off #1

Pin: #1

Carts:  Cart Path Only

Course Set-up, mowing greens, spraying greens, bunker repairs and raking, debris cleanup.

Woods Course

Course Closed Today

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