Wednesday – September 25, 2019

Good morning,

We aren’t out of the woods for 90 degree temperatures, but the 59 degree morning sure does feel nice!  Our team is out preparing the golf courses for play – including Day 1 of the KLGA 18 Club Championship on the Woods Course.  Good luck to all participants throughout the week!

River Course

Tee Times:  7:30 am off #1

Pin:  #3

Carts:  90 degrees (#8 Cart Path Only)

Course set-up, rolling greens, blowing and raking bunkers, mowing rough, blowing playing surfaces, checking moisture on putting surfaces

Plantation Course

Course Closed

Aerification on putting surfaces has gone well despite the warm temperatures so far this week.  We will finish topdressing and brushing this morning, which is then followed by rolling the surfaces in two directions.

Woods Course

Tee Times:  KLGA 18 Club Championship – Day 1:  8:30 am – 9:30 am off #1.  Tee times resume off #1 at 10:00 am.

Pin:  Pin 2

Carts:  90 degrees

Course set-up, mowing greens, mowing  approaches, mowing fairways, blowing playing surfaces, raking bunkers, checking moisture on putting surfaces


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