Saturday – February 16, 2019

Good Morning Kingsmill,

There is time to squeeze a little golf in before the rain later today.

See some of the highlights below from Tom Clark’s site visit to our Woods Course.

River Course

Tee Times: 9:00 am off #1

Pin: #2

Carts: 90 degrees (#4 and #6 Cart Path Only)

Course set-up, blowing greens

Plantation Course

Tee Times: 9:00 am off #1

Pin: #3

Carts: 90 degrees (#7 and #8 Cart Path Only)

Course set-up, blowing greens

Woods Course

Just 13 short days until our Spring Opening!

We had a wonderful day yesterday with Golf Course Architect Tom Clark. We spent the day evaluating the Woods Course in great detail. Our number one objective was to identify fairway and green surround areas that will be reclaimed to enhance the golf experience. It is inevitable that golf courses change over time. However, simple changes to our height of of cuts and the areas that we mow can quickly bring back the original design intent.

Other Topics:

•We looked at different teeing options and the opportunity to improve the experience for our higher handicap golfers on the most challenging holes. We look forward to trying a few of these out this year.

•We looked at long term options to lengthen hole #7 for our championship tee players.

•We evaluated the work completed in our native areas this winter and the positive impact that this will have on the golf experience. We identified additional opportunities for future work in our native areas that will further enhance the golf experience and potentially improve the pace of play.

•We discussed the many drainage challenges that exist in out of play areas and potential remediation techniques.

•We looked at our Woods Course practice facility in great detail with the objective of creating short game opportunities and what changes would potentially have to be made to eliminate use limited flight balls on this range.

•We discussed and evaluated the work completed in bunkers this winter. We have reworked the drainage and added sand to our most poorly drained bunkers. This will limit the need for pumping standing water out of bunkers after heavy rains and improve the golf experience.

All in all it was a great day and it was a privilege for me to to experience the excitement and love that Mr. Clark has for our Woods Course. He can’t wait to play our Woods Course this year!

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