How golfers can help…

During our January Kingsmill Club Advisory Committee meeting the topic of course care by our golfers came up. It was stated by a Kingsmill Member that he had recently played the River Course on a day that consisted of all Member play – he could not believe the number of ball marks on the greens that were not repaired by fellow Members ahead of him that day. Several ideas were proposed to increase course care by our golfers. We decided to take advantage of this rainy morning to share two USGA resources. A quick video and a short article.

USGA Video – Fore the Golfer: Golf Cart and Pull Cart Etiquette

USGA Article- Being a good player does not make you a good golfer

Keep an eye out for additional resources in the future, events like divot filling parties, and programs like adopt a hole. We appreciate the help that you provide to keep our courses in the best possible condition. Thank you for taking the time to utilize this post and have a wonderful day.

One comment on “How golfers can help…

  1. mlkylander says:

    Great! Thanks, Mary Kylander



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