Friday – May 10, 2018

River Course

Tee Times:  7:40 am – 8:20 am off #1.  GM Financial Shotgun at 8:30 am holes #11-#18, #1.  Course closed for KMC Maintenance at 12:00 pm

Pin:  #3

Carts:  Cart Path Only

Course set-up, mowing greens, mowing step-cut and player walks, mowing intermediate cut around greens, walk mowing tees, mowing rough.  PM Maintenance will include mowing and rolling greens, mowing fairways, mowing approaches and surrounds, detail work in landscape beds, trimming valve boxes and drains


Plantation Course

Course Closed


Woods Course

Tee Times:  7:30 am off #1, KLGA 9 hole tee times off #10 from 8:00 am – 8:30 am.

Pin:  #3

Carts:  90 degrees

Course set-up, mowing rough, raking bunkers


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