The Kingsmill Bluebird Trail


Have you ever been curious about the Bluebird boxes along the golf courses at Kingsmill? The Kingsmill Bluebird Trail is the result of many volunteers and countless hours of dedication.

The Kingsmill Bluebird Trail had VERY successful 2017 season. Our trail data is collected by the local Virginia Bluebird Society Coordinator, and we are the most productive trail in both James City and York Counties. That 2017 Season Summary report shows that Kingsmill has: 

11.4% of the total boxes (34 of 298 total), and 23.1% of the total Eastern Bluebird fledges (215 of 931 total). 

We averaged 7.2 fledges per box , almost DOUBLE the 2-county average of 3.94 fledges per box. Our Trail is heralded as the top-producing trail in this area, and we have a lot to be proud of!

Thank you to Mrs. Sue Mutell and her entire Team for their outstanding work!


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