Wednesday October 11, 2017

River Course

11:00 SG
Pin # 2
Carts – On Paths Only
Mowing greens, course setup, mowing fairways and tees.

Spraying greens with fungicide for disease prevention and fertilizer for aerification recovery


Plantation Course

8:30 Tee Times #1
Pin # 2
Carts – 90 Degrees
Rolling greens, course setup, blow and rake greenside bunkers, mow rough


Woods Course

Closed for aerification. We will re-open Thursday Oct. 12 at 8am.

Topdressing and fertilization were completed yesterday on all greens. Today we will be brushing and blowing to remove excess sand and rolling all greens to firm them up. We will also be detail weed eating bunker edges, mowing tees, fairway and rough areas, and blowing leaves and debris.


One comment on “Wednesday October 11, 2017

  1. Edie Meyers says:

    I appreciate the details offered, on this new site. Thank you.


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