Monday September 4, 2017

General Course Conditions
Heavy thunderstorms on Saturday evening have left the golf courses wet, bunkers washed out, and debris down. The quick downpour of 1.0″ of rain left behind a lot of silt to be removed from bunkers and cart paths. This silt is manually removed from bunkers before we shovel sand back to the sides and rake. Bunker repair work continues and debris clean’ up throughout from the storm.

As a reminder, the Plantation Course will be closed next week, Sept 5-7 for fall aerification and tee box overseeding.

River Course
7:30 Tee Times #1
Pin – 2
Carts – 90 Degree Rule
Mowing greens, course set up, mowing fairways, mowing roughs, bunker repair.
Plantation Course
7:30 Tee Times #1
Pin – 1
Carts – 90 Degree Rule
Rolling Greens, Course Set up and Course Clean’ up. Brushing/Scalping tees ahead of this weeks overseed.
Woods Course
Course Closed Today

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